Copyright (2003) Ivan Moore.

Many projects require code to be written in different languages. Automated unit tests require a test framework for that language. XUnit test frameworks are the most popular, each displaying its own results. UberUnit is a system for integrating the running and reporting of XUnit tests for a variety of languages.

Future plans are that using UberUnit will not only amalgamate all the 'green bars' into one for different XUnits, but will also allow for tests to be run on a remote machine or a collection of remote machines for load sharing if the tests are slow to run.

The initial version of the UberUnit server is implemented using Zope (an application server written in Python) – a future version will be released implemented using Java Servlets, and other implementations may follow.

The initial XUnits supported are JUnit and PyUnit. JsUnit will probably be in the next release. Future releases will include other XUnit UberUnit TestRunners.

UberUnit is available only under the terms of it's licence and the licences of the modified XUnit TestRunners that it includes (see the JUnit licence and the PyUnit licence.)

Please check the project page on sourceforge for downloads.

There is a wiki page for UberUnit on xpdeveloper.

Many thanks to Connextra Ltd for allowing Gold Card time to be used for some of this work.

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